Functional sportswear for men

Professional sportswear for men

Would you believe it if someone once told you that in 10 years you will fulfill your dreams, achieve your goal, compete with the best and even reach the highest step of the podium? An Olympic medal, World Championship or representation in the national team is the result of tremendous effort, heroic work, unbelievable devotion, but also the ability to choose the best solutions to support us on the way to success, including sportswear, which is always there with you during your athletic adventure.

You can do more, better and more with X-Bionic professional sportswear

Initially we run in sweatpants found in the closet and a T-shirt with the logo of our favorite band or soccer team. Your performance gets better and better, and with each passing week you are able to run a longer distance. You break your own records, and then the records of others. This takes tons of sweat, recurring injuries, and even pain. In the meantime, we realize the importance of sportswear on the comfort and comfort of running, but also on our effectiveness. We can achieve more when moisture is carried away more efficiently, the body temperature is kept at a low enough temperature, preferably 37°C, the T-shirt and pants fit the body better and don’t restrict our movements. This is exactly the kind of outfit needed by champions reaching for the highest trophies after thousands of kilometers run in a simple cotton T-shirt, but wearing the X-Bionic men’s outfit with TWYCE 4.0 double cooling technology, INVENT 4.0 technology for proper thermoregulation and EFFECTOR technology created for extremely high temperatures.
„Wearing the X-Bionic outfit I broke my first and another record, I ran a desert marathon, and for the first time I felt my muscles obeying me”.

How did X-Bionic men’s ski sportswear make it to the Olympics?

The first steps in skiing are challenging, as is the case with any sport. In the beginning, inner motivation, determination and ambition are not as crucial as talent and skill. Then comes the vision of a future of being a champion in alpine skiing or giant slalom. So we focus not only on the regularity of training, but also on our thermal comfort and convenience. Precisely because of the need and desire to be a leader, a pioneer and an idol to be at the top of the world and European charts, the Swiss-Ski team has chosen the men’s sportswear for professionals. The men’s sportswear features ENERGY ACCUMULATOR 4.0 technology for superior performance in challenging conditions. 3D BIONIC SPHERE SYSTEM technology is a system of air channels that warms the body when it’s cold and keeps it cool when it’s warm.
With X-Bionic you can be a professional in many disciplines, make your dreams of achieving top form come true. Our men’s sportswear and technologies support cyclists, triathletes, skiers, snowboarders, runners and fitness freaks.

Together we make beautiful sports history.

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